I love actors

One of the things I love about actors is your eternal optimism.

You have to be optimistic – you have chosen the hardest career to succeed in, out of all careers.

It’s tough, unforgiving and sometimes it feels just down right mean.

The odds of getting an audition from an agent’s submission on a role is between 3% – 6% and the chances of getting the role – well it’s so small it’s not worth thinking about.  But you keep coming back for more.

I have one client who auditioned for roles at least twenty times over the past year and he shortlisted 90% of them and then finally he booked one.  But the one he did book was so much better than all the others, he and I knew that was how it was meant to be.

So my hat is off to all those actors who take the long waits between auditions, the constant rejections, the never ending disappointment and never give up.  In the end perseverance and faith pays off.