I have been a talent agent and more recently, personal manager for 32 years.

I have two amazing sons of whom I am inordinately proud and who, along with my gorgeous dog, Rizzo, I love to bits.

My life has always been a juggling act between my love for my family and my passion for my job and my desire to do the best I can for everyone. Unfortunately, like all of us, I don’t always succeed but as a Virgo perfectionist, I keep trying.

One of my “failures” is that at the end of every day the one action item on my plan that seems to have been missed is the ongoing education of my clients.  The demands of incoming breakdowns and the rigors of working to ever tightening deadlines means the day melts behind me in an ever growing list of what I didn’t get done.

The blog on this site is my way of communicating some of the things I wish my clients knew but many don’t and what’s more they don’t know that they don’t know.

Knowledge is power and my hope is that some of my posts will help those who are struggling, to know what they don’t know so they can ask for help.

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